Day 2 19.5.15 1st ever lesson in a classroom

My First ever lesson in a classroom, one that I planned and one that I implemented, and I didn’t do to bad. My mentor teacher gave me a few comments, mostly things that were related to not knowing the children well enough. Which is a bit hard to know for the second day in the classroom.

However, my biggest struggle thus far is trying not step over the line and take over. It is someone else classroom and they have ownership of it not me, and those little things like, yelling at children, a messy room and some strategies that are implemented are quite frustrating, but I am currently turning and blind eye and hopefully I can to the end of my placement.

I keep saying to myself, one day I will have my own classroom and then I can run it the way I want to I will be able to neat and tidy, I will be able to treat the children with respect and hope they have respect for me. Only a year and half to go.

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