Day 4 – Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management is a strict issue in the school I am working in however I highly disagree with it and I am struggling. I believe that students need to have voice and it is constructive and related to the lesson why should it matter if they didn’t raise there hand.

I have also received feedback in that the class got to loud, but they were working hard so this does not bother me they were excited about the lesson, but it the eyes of my mentor teachers they weren’t  happy, so now I feel like I have to be a complete ‘cranky old woman” with these children who are excited and love to learn, because they should get loud and they should raise there hands. What to do what to do? I think that I will just have to get a bit tougher and make sure these kids are doing the right thing all the time, but how can I make the learning fun and exciting when there is always this threat of you cant be loud who cant do anything.

Would like to know what other people are thinking because I am struggling with the whole thing, mostly because I am someone else room and I have to conform to what they do, this is not the way that I teach. I HATE IT.

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