PANIC today

Well had a malfunction today, the IWB decided that it didn’t want to work and as it is the only piece of ICT I have to work with along with the XO’s, I was panicking on the inside although, I was able to continue the lesson, even though I had none of the resources that I needed and was going to use throughout the lesson.

However, I went old school and with some creative drawing skills I feel that I was able to successfully teach the lesson. My mentor teacher didn’t say much so I am taking that as I good sign. We are doing coins in maths so it was relatively easy to do the lesson without the IWB not working.

Later in the day we had a second maths lesson and this time the IWB was working and I worked out that it was my own fault that it wasn’t working in the first place, so after kicking myself several times I was able to work through the second lesson with relative ease.

Here is hoping tomorrow goes better.

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