Reflection Of Prac

Well it is over and I can say that I struggled, I cried, I hated it, I loved it, I enjoyed, but I am not looking forward to the next round. However, that is twelve months away yet.

Unlike Rebecca who only did one whole and reflects about it here. My mentor thought it was best that I teach everyday from the first part of week two, so I spent nearly two weeks teaching a full day. I  can say that I was pretty rusty to begin with and needed help with behavior management, but by the end of the two weeks I had a number of very successful days and with the help and advice from my mentor teachers and the principal of the school that has numerous years of experience I was able to integrate teaching plans that were successful and that every child  took something away from it, which as a teacher I think is really important.

Overall the three weeks was tough but at the same time rewarding. I now know what is expected of me and what I expect of myself. Hopefully by the time I do my next prac I will have learnt even more and can apply more to my lessons.

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