The End

Well I handed in my Assignment yesterday. WOOHOO Party YAy for me.

What I can say is that this course has been an exhausting drain. It is like five subjects piled into one and it even made me contemplate why I am even bothering doing uni at all.

However, It did make me proactive in finding sights that I can use in my teaching journey. These are a few that I have now added to my favorites bar and will be extensively used.

Topmarks. This sight is great for any interactive activity and I found more useful items on this site than I have on scootle.

SpellCity This sight is great for spelling and I feel that I will be using it a lot in the classroom in environment. I currently use this sight a lot in my Distance ed classroom it has some stories on that are read to the students.


Lastly Starfall this sight I was exposed to on professional experience and the kids loved it.

So although I hated this subject and felt that most of the time it was wasting my precious time I have found some interesting sites that I feel I will use.

Goodbye and Goodluck Everyone

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