The End

Well I handed in my Assignment yesterday. WOOHOO Party YAy for me.

What I can say is that this course has been an exhausting drain. It is like five subjects piled into one and it even made me contemplate why I am even bothering doing uni at all.

However, It did make me proactive in finding sights that I can use in my teaching journey. These are a few that I have now added to my favorites bar and will be extensively used.

Topmarks. This sight is great for any interactive activity and I found more useful items on this site than I have on scootle.

SpellCity This sight is great for spelling and I feel that I will be using it a lot in the classroom in environment. I currently use this sight a lot in my Distance ed classroom it has some stories on that are read to the students.


Lastly Starfall this sight I was exposed to on professional experience and the kids loved it.

So although I hated this subject and felt that most of the time it was wasting my precious time I have found some interesting sites that I feel I will use.

Goodbye and Goodluck Everyone

Interactive Whiteboard

As the school that I attended had very little ICT’s within the room most of the lessons  I completed involved the Interactive whiteboard which I found to be a great tool but at times very annoying.

However, my mentor teacher gave me this site which is great for work on the interactive whiteboard when teaching maths. It has a variety of backgrounds including a tens and ones background. It has MAB blocks, you can select the grade you are working with, a range of game boards to make maths more fun and other manipulative including attribute blocks and bucket balance.

If you find yourself teaching maths on other pracs this is a great resource and I highly recommend it.

Reflection Of Prac

Well it is over and I can say that I struggled, I cried, I hated it, I loved it, I enjoyed, but I am not looking forward to the next round. However, that is twelve months away yet.

Unlike Rebecca who only did one whole and reflects about it here. My mentor thought it was best that I teach everyday from the first part of week two, so I spent nearly two weeks teaching a full day. I  can say that I was pretty rusty to begin with and needed help with behavior management, but by the end of the two weeks I had a number of very successful days and with the help and advice from my mentor teachers and the principal of the school that has numerous years of experience I was able to integrate teaching plans that were successful and that every child  took something away from it, which as a teacher I think is really important.

Overall the three weeks was tough but at the same time rewarding. I now know what is expected of me and what I expect of myself. Hopefully by the time I do my next prac I will have learnt even more and can apply more to my lessons.

PANIC today

Well had a malfunction today, the IWB decided that it didn’t want to work and as it is the only piece of ICT I have to work with along with the XO’s, I was panicking on the inside although, I was able to continue the lesson, even though I had none of the resources that I needed and was going to use throughout the lesson.

However, I went old school and with some creative drawing skills I feel that I was able to successfully teach the lesson. My mentor teacher didn’t say much so I am taking that as I good sign. We are doing coins in maths so it was relatively easy to do the lesson without the IWB not working.

Later in the day we had a second maths lesson and this time the IWB was working and I worked out that it was my own fault that it wasn’t working in the first place, so after kicking myself several times I was able to work through the second lesson with relative ease.

Here is hoping tomorrow goes better.

Day 4 – Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management is a strict issue in the school I am working in however I highly disagree with it and I am struggling. I believe that students need to have voice and it is constructive and related to the lesson why should it matter if they didn’t raise there hand.

I have also received feedback in that the class got to loud, but they were working hard so this does not bother me they were excited about the lesson, but it the eyes of my mentor teachers they weren’t  happy, so now I feel like I have to be a complete ‘cranky old woman” with these children who are excited and love to learn, because they should get loud and they should raise there hands. What to do what to do? I think that I will just have to get a bit tougher and make sure these kids are doing the right thing all the time, but how can I make the learning fun and exciting when there is always this threat of you cant be loud who cant do anything.

Would like to know what other people are thinking because I am struggling with the whole thing, mostly because I am someone else room and I have to conform to what they do, this is not the way that I teach. I HATE IT.

Day 3- 20.5.15

Today, I taught for a third of the day, which I am happy about. Still Struggling with the fact it is not my classroom and that I would have a completely different system in place, but I think I just have to deal with that.

Taught Maths today which I am happy about I enjoy teaching maths and teaching it again tomorrow. I found this website and this website to help with the implementation of the lesson tomorrow which is based on measurement direct and indirect comparison. I finding as these students have very little experience with any form of ICT that I am continually transforming the way they learn which is great. Today I used a you tube clip to get introduce tall and short in maths it was the first and only time in whole day there was complete silence, it was great.

Later in the week I am looking at using the XO to record what they have found this may be scary as there is a lot of classroom management that needs to happen to do this.

Hope Everyone else is having a great time.

Day 2 19.5.15 1st ever lesson in a classroom

My First ever lesson in a classroom, one that I planned and one that I implemented, and I didn’t do to bad. My mentor teacher gave me a few comments, mostly things that were related to not knowing the children well enough. Which is a bit hard to know for the second day in the classroom.

However, my biggest struggle thus far is trying not step over the line and take over. It is someone else classroom and they have ownership of it not me, and those little things like, yelling at children, a messy room and some strategies that are implemented are quite frustrating, but I am currently turning and blind eye and hopefully I can to the end of my placement.

I keep saying to myself, one day I will have my own classroom and then I can run it the way I want to I will be able to neat and tidy, I will be able to treat the children with respect and hope they have respect for me. Only a year and half to go.