XO one laptop per child

In the room I am completing my prac in they use XO’s NEVER HEARD of them and I have a week to work out how I can use these machines during my lessons. This site gives a quick overview of what an XO is and this document is a users guide on how to use them, but I feel they are very primitive and are not actually teaching students how to use technology that is used in the real world, so they are going to be very hard to incorporate within the lessons.

The only other piece of technology in the room I work is and IWB that no nobody knows how to use effectively so I think I will be doing some work there as well.

It is going to be a long three weeks.

Day 1 – 18.5.15

I Survived. 

So my nerves eventually kicked in and by the time I got to the school I was a nervous wreck, but I survived the day, and I also found out I have a lot to learn.

I am being thrown in the deep end tomorrow and teaching part of the day. As the school follows the C2C to its full extent with no other planning, I am finding it difficult to plan lessons plans, but I am trying my best. They also use one school which I am assuming is similar to learning place, however I will learn more.

Hope everyone else has a great day


Nerves What Nerves!!!

Today is the first day of prac. I have not meet my class and I have not meet my mentor teacher. I am nervous but I am not.

I nervous in the fact that I have to meet new people and I am always anxious when I have to do that.

However, I am not nervous about the teaching, I know I can do this it is automatic for me, so I am hoping I do well.

and Like Jenny all I can do is sit back and wait for the day to begin as all the obvious things are done.

Good Luck!!

Laid Back attitude

Ok So I found out my Prac school, and I know that I am in a Composite class prep – year 1, but when I rang the school they were not very interested. I asked what there expectations of me are and I got ” you need to practice writing on the whiteboard” umm I already do that??? now slightly confused. I then asked what time would you like me to turn up on Monday ” Well the kids rock up between 8.15 and 8.30 so any time between then.” The principal seemed very uninterested to talk to me considering it was the fourth time I had tried to ring her, but I hoping that my professionalism and my ability will change her attitude a bit.

So I am still a little in dark unlike Danielle (view her post here) that has meet her mentor and and knows how many children are in the class.

Anyway Goodluck everyone hope you have a wonderful time on Prac.

Connect.ed, Respect, Common sense.

Well I have finally completed my Cybersmart Certificate. Between Beef week and now Mini school for distance ed students it has been a very tedious task.

However, there a few things that I learnt throughout doing the certificate, however underpinning all of these is RESPECT and COMMON SENSE, to things that are lacking in society and the school system. The saying everybody has a right to do whatever they want. Yes it is true but it should not disrupt other people as it is done.

The lack of Respect is a big issue, students do not respect students, students do not respect teachers, teachers do not respect students, teachers do not respect teachers, parents do not respect teachers, parents do not respect students. So of course cyber bullying is going to happen of course bullying is going to happen it is taught from a young age, if you do not like someone or something say so.

So why is it not a wake up call to everyone to show and teach respect it is not a hard concept to understand.

No amount of technology will save you!!!!

As the finale to beef week last night, I attended the PBR rodeo. While sitting there watching the bull riders and the bull fighters get in the ring with a bull that is over a tonne in weight one thought came to mind, there is no amount of technology that can save you in that 8 secs. Below is a video from the 2013 PBR season in America I have chosen it shows numerous wrecks from that season and backs up this statement: THERE IS NO AMOUNT OF TECHNOLOGY THAT CAN SAVE YOU. If you watch the entire 6.19min video and sit back and wonder what would you do or how could that be safe or what could be done to make it safer. There is not much trust me I spent an entire 4 hours wondering last night. Although there have been many improvements in the sport over that last couple of years including, each rider must wear a vest and some chose to wear helmets and the bullfighters train hard to protect the riders. There is still nothing that can save you in that eight secs as that bull is trained to kill you and it will if it gets have a chance. Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts.

Beef Week

Yesterday, I spent the day walking around Beef Week that is currently in Rockhampton. To find out more click on this link to the Beef week website. This is a large ag show that happens each year to look at beef beef and more beef. But while walking around the stalls I was amazed at how much the beef industry has changed over my lifetime because of technology.

Yards are now safer and some can be controlled through a tiny little push button panel. (I don’t know whether many of you have gotten between a cow and its only calf but it is not fun and you literately see your life pass between you eyes.) So technology has benefited greatly to make this industry safer.

I also saw how the feeding of cattle has improved through fodder solutions found here.

From my wanderings yesterday I saw a lot of technology within an industry that a lot of my students are going to be passionate about, and I feel as a teacher I need to have some knowledge of these things to communicate and connect with them and I also feel that because of my context there is a great deal of learning to be had at such an event.